Nihonshoki Teien


Experience a touching story based on Japanese mythology and deities, told in the form of Visual Novel with branching story & multiple endings depending on your choices.

Collect charming characters in Gacha & grow closer to them by experiencing their side stories.

Fights against evil spirits in turn-based combat system with multiple playable characters.


Protagonist has gotten a job to restore temple grounds that have been abandoned for a long time for uncertain reasons.
Unusual things start to happen and protagonist soon finds themself in middle of extraordinary beings.



Is a fox spirit of celestial power. Tenko is wary of strangers but loves to cause small trouble among friends.


Tenko’s brother and the fox spirit of void power. Yako is smart and cunning. Develops an interest for protagonist for unknown reasons.


Tenko’s old friend. Dog spirit who lives middle of shrine and befriends protagonist quickly.

Gameplay mechanics

Visual novel
Meaningful choices with branching story & multiple endings depending on your decisions
Character gacha
Collect characters, fight with them in battle, increase their affection and experience their sidestories
Battle system
Turn-based combat, featuring multiple characters with unique skillsets and
many different enemies


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