Nihonshoki Teien

Nihonshoki Teien tells a touching story based on Japanese mythology and deities. It features meaningful choices, branching story and multiple endings. Main characters also have both male and female counterparts, so romance is always available to the player.

Nihonshoki Teien combines these visual novel elements with turn-based battle system with multiple characters, acquirable from gacha. Side characters also have their very own sidestories, which you can unlock by increasing their affection, either by fighting with them or giving them gifts.

SPS Productions

Developer team of Nihonshoki Teien.
We are developing Nihonshoki Teien as a student project for Ticorporate study course at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.
Our team consist of 2 narrative writers, 2 artists, 1 programmer and 1 marketer.

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